Enabling brands to realise their full potential online 

Totem Network Incubator and Accelerator programs leverage our YouTube Enterprise Partnership, proprietary analytics tools and an industry leading Strategic Advisory team to identify, incubate and accelerate growth for IP with global potential. 

We enable premium creators, producers and broadcasters who want to identify new ways to grow their audience and drive monetisation opportunities.


"Totem is the Mckinsey of online video."

Sanoop Luke

Former Head of YouTube Kids & Learning ANZ and APAC


While the local television market fragments and budgets shrink, online audiences continue to grow. 


Totem Network unites platforms, tools and our team to incubate and accelerate growth for brands with global potential. 

Our unique technology, cutting edge insights and understanding of the international content market, creates a rich environment for data mining, distribution and monetisation to help take your IP Worldwide.


Totem Network Incubator and Accelerator programs enable premium IP holders (creators, producers and broadcasters) who want grow their audiences and identify new opportunities in the online space.


The Totem Network Incubator leverages the YouTube MCN infrastructure to enable premium IP holders to protect their rights, grow their audience and find new ways to increase revenue.

All Incubator partners have access to an array of services across rights management and reporting, insights and analytics, channel management, language translation, post-production, digital distribution, alternative revenue streams and strategy.

Partners are analysed regularly by our international consulting team to identify, assess and quantify opportunities. When we find the right opportunity, we invest and build it together. Validated partners are upgraded to the Totem Accelerator for deeper exploitation on YouTube and other platforms.


The online space is not linear. A good TV show does not necessarily equate to strong monetisation potential online. A popular YouTube channel can’t necessarily sell merchandise. Countless hours of resources have been wasted by creators, producers and networks around the world in the pursuit of the online video jackpot. 


Totem invests expertise, resources, infrastructure and capital into brands and creators with genuine commercial potential on YouTube and other platforms. Our expert team of strategists, designers, channel managers, post producers, distributors, monetisation experts and more will be dedicated to exploiting your brand on the YouTube platform and beyond. 


This is only available for IP that has been assessed within our Incubator and validated for deeper opportunities.



Totem leverages YouTube’s Content ID to protect your content online


With Totem’s proprietary analytics tools we are able to provide you with data-led insights to boost your audience growth


Totem offers content editing and optimisation to build audience growth


Totem offers creators the opportunity to expand their reach across multiple digital platforms


Totem will help maximise your digital revenue through brand deals, sponsorships and AVOD


Using data and industry leading insights Totem will provide strategies to help accelerate your YouTube growth


To maintain the calibre of our work, Totem Studio partners with a limited number of clients per year. Availability for 2020 is limited. Please provide information below and we will reach out to you shortly.

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